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In response to concerns raised by building owners and the elevator industry, the technical standards and safety authority (TSSA), in conjunction with its Elevating Devices Advisory Council, recommended the formation of a task group drawn from industry stakeholders. Its purpose was to review the issue of elevator machine room equipment guarding and assist in the development of a reference document highlighting current best practices concerning equipment guarding. The guideline could then be used by building owners and the elevator industry to promote better understanding of proper elevator machine room equipment guarding, and aid in the development of appropriate design requirements for elevator installations.

Aliens currently maintains elevators in over 500 buildings and services more than 2000 units in Tirupati. Aliens Elevator employs union certified technicians who are continually trained on the latest industry technologies. We can provide all of the tests necessary to meet state and local codes. This insures your equipment is up to current code and reduces your liability. Our repair crews are outfitted with the tools and equipment needed to complete repairs on a majority of elevator types and brands.

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